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Which of these 14 Email Marketing Blunders are YOU Making?

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14 Eye-Glazing Errors That Will Doom Your Email Marketing Efforts, and the 14 Ways to Ensure You Avoid Them

Avoid these 14 email copywriting errors

You don’t have time to read books about email marketing.

You just want it to work. To help boost your profits, sell your products, retain more customers, and support your pyramid ascension model.

Email Breakthroughs for the Info-Marketer is a groundbreaking ebook that doesn’t waste time on theories and generalizations you can find in every other email marketing book and blog.

This ebook dives right into the meat – with real examples of emails broken down and analyzed for specific ways they are failing or succeeding – and what you can learn from them.

Not just another GKIC member!

In this just-released ebook written specifically for info-marketers, you will find –

  • 14 super-common mistakes that kill your click-through rates and disengage your leads
  • 3 reasons why writing “too short” emails almost guarantees a lousy conversion rate, and how to structure a longer one to maximize click-throughs (pg 18)
  • What Congress can teach about email marketing – you don’t want to be like the government! (pg 23)
  • The terrible (and super easy-to-avoid) mistake that makes half your readers blind (pg 27)
  • How even the best subject lines can utterly fail your conversion goals (pg 57)
  • How to use email to close sales through follow-up – a case study (pg 11)
  • The primary purpose of every email you send (pg 16)
  • Link copy techniques that your readers must click on (pg 21)
  • Why even the “best” emails might still fail, and what you can do about it when it happens (pg 57)
  • The Great Deceiver – how graphic design leads so many astray (pg 32)
  • Want people to fill out your survey? Don’t do what this national polling company did (pg 46)
  • A new way to multiply your email marketing output while saving tons of time (pg 59)

Loaded with examples good and bad, this is a resource you can immediately apply to your email marketing efforts. It won’t leave you with vague ideas or give you another list of 50 things to do.

These are ideas you can implement in your very next email – the one you want to send out today.

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Bonus Report: Email Etiquette -- The Missing Link to Growth

Ascension sure sounds good. But you can doom it with lousy email etiquette. This isn't just obvious stuff like spelling errors. This Bonus Report is an email customer-service guidebook -- how to serve your prospects on the front and back end so they become repeat -- and happy -- customers.